Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -Benjamin Franklin

STUPID COMMENT #2: For those of you who know how to drive, don't you remember you first time putting gas in the car? For me at least, there was a bit of confusion. My mom handed me the credit card and said, "alright, have at it." Uhhhh... am i supposed to know how to do this after watching her for 17 years? I dont think so... I stared at that thing for what felt like three minutes. But I have never, and i mean NEVER, seen someone THIS stupid. Not even I did this, or really decent person on the face of this planet... and plus she looks like a grown woman! Just watch. (sorry theres no sound... but its funny.)

Uhhhh.... what i don't understand is how this lady got the idea to try and go around the whole car to get to the tank. I might of looked pretty clueless on that first time when i filled the tank (I even spilled gas on myself), but i sure was not so stupid as to park in the wrong direction. Why didn't she just turn her car around? is it really that hard to do? Not to mention she looks old, so i'm assuming this isn't her first time, which is even more sad. And the funniest part is that she went through all that trouble.... and then falls. HILARIOUS! and she tries again. Really... just turn the stupid car around. I swear, there are more stupid people in this world then there are reasonable ones.

TIP #2: SMILE AT EVERYONE YOU CAN! Even if its at a random stranger and they think you are crazy insane and weird and walks slightly faster to get away from you, it really makes a difference. You never know who might be depressed or mentally unstable and all they need is a smile.

There was a story i heard about a guy who was gonna kill himself because he thought no one loved him. He was walking home, the day that he was gonna kill himself, and he drops his stuff on the sidewalk on accident. Some random guy helps him and smiles.... and then he doesn't kill himself... that's a pretty extreme example but its true. you never know who might need it, and its less muscle to smile, then to frown and look like your depressed... so just smile.... even if the stranger thinks you should go to a mental asylum. :)

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