Saturday, December 31, 2011

STUPID = Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand

STUPID COMMENT #3: Alright. So we all have done stupid things. Right? Or is it just me? Cuz this next little stupid comment, or act i should say, came from myself. So there's a door: typical, wooden door. And a friend is with me and I'm pulling and pulling, and getting REALLY frustrated that it wont open. And i keep pulling it really hard. And my friend comes up to me, and says "um... Ashley... look." I look to where he's pointing. And right there... on the left hand side of the door, in BIG letters. Is a sign. That says "PUSH."

Now i think this has happened to just about everyone, and anyone who denies it... well, theyre just in denial. Either that or im just trying to cover up my own stupidity. I mean a clearly typed, black and white sign. How do I miss that??? I guess thats just one of my stupid little moments. All well. :P

TIP 3: As the new year is coming close, or in my case, has already arrived, I keep thinking about new years resolutions. Mine, and one that I hope you think about, is to "live on the edge." Now i dont mean jumping off a cliff and hoping that you survive just because its a super sick adventure. Oh god no. That would be terrifying and, well... stupid. No. I mean, take a risk every once in a while. I was at the hot springs. In -10 degree weather. Wind everywhere. In a 102 degree hotspring. And quite comfortable. But when my friend asked me to go with them to a pool that was like ice water, just so we can jump back in the hot one and feel that tingly feeling, I was like "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!" But then i thought to myself to live on the edge... live a little. And i went to that ice water. and god it really was ice. I froze myself. But it was an awesome experience. And im jsut saying that you should do the same. Not necessarily go jump in a pool of ice water, but live a little... you know what i mean... hopefully. anyways. ya. thats my story, thats my tip. :)

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