Saturday, December 31, 2011

STUPID = Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand

STUPID COMMENT #3: Alright. So we all have done stupid things. Right? Or is it just me? Cuz this next little stupid comment, or act i should say, came from myself. So there's a door: typical, wooden door. And a friend is with me and I'm pulling and pulling, and getting REALLY frustrated that it wont open. And i keep pulling it really hard. And my friend comes up to me, and says "um... Ashley... look." I look to where he's pointing. And right there... on the left hand side of the door, in BIG letters. Is a sign. That says "PUSH."

Now i think this has happened to just about everyone, and anyone who denies it... well, theyre just in denial. Either that or im just trying to cover up my own stupidity. I mean a clearly typed, black and white sign. How do I miss that??? I guess thats just one of my stupid little moments. All well. :P

TIP 3: As the new year is coming close, or in my case, has already arrived, I keep thinking about new years resolutions. Mine, and one that I hope you think about, is to "live on the edge." Now i dont mean jumping off a cliff and hoping that you survive just because its a super sick adventure. Oh god no. That would be terrifying and, well... stupid. No. I mean, take a risk every once in a while. I was at the hot springs. In -10 degree weather. Wind everywhere. In a 102 degree hotspring. And quite comfortable. But when my friend asked me to go with them to a pool that was like ice water, just so we can jump back in the hot one and feel that tingly feeling, I was like "ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!" But then i thought to myself to live on the edge... live a little. And i went to that ice water. and god it really was ice. I froze myself. But it was an awesome experience. And im jsut saying that you should do the same. Not necessarily go jump in a pool of ice water, but live a little... you know what i mean... hopefully. anyways. ya. thats my story, thats my tip. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -Benjamin Franklin

STUPID COMMENT #2: For those of you who know how to drive, don't you remember you first time putting gas in the car? For me at least, there was a bit of confusion. My mom handed me the credit card and said, "alright, have at it." Uhhhh... am i supposed to know how to do this after watching her for 17 years? I dont think so... I stared at that thing for what felt like three minutes. But I have never, and i mean NEVER, seen someone THIS stupid. Not even I did this, or really decent person on the face of this planet... and plus she looks like a grown woman! Just watch. (sorry theres no sound... but its funny.)

Uhhhh.... what i don't understand is how this lady got the idea to try and go around the whole car to get to the tank. I might of looked pretty clueless on that first time when i filled the tank (I even spilled gas on myself), but i sure was not so stupid as to park in the wrong direction. Why didn't she just turn her car around? is it really that hard to do? Not to mention she looks old, so i'm assuming this isn't her first time, which is even more sad. And the funniest part is that she went through all that trouble.... and then falls. HILARIOUS! and she tries again. Really... just turn the stupid car around. I swear, there are more stupid people in this world then there are reasonable ones.

TIP #2: SMILE AT EVERYONE YOU CAN! Even if its at a random stranger and they think you are crazy insane and weird and walks slightly faster to get away from you, it really makes a difference. You never know who might be depressed or mentally unstable and all they need is a smile.

There was a story i heard about a guy who was gonna kill himself because he thought no one loved him. He was walking home, the day that he was gonna kill himself, and he drops his stuff on the sidewalk on accident. Some random guy helps him and smiles.... and then he doesn't kill himself... that's a pretty extreme example but its true. you never know who might need it, and its less muscle to smile, then to frown and look like your depressed... so just smile.... even if the stranger thinks you should go to a mental asylum. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

"I'm Crazy, but I'm not stupid." - Jackie Chan

I am sorry to say, but the title, Royally Stoned, has nothing to do with the content of the blog. Sad, isn't it? No, i am not someone who writes their experiences while getting higher than the clouds, UNLESS, i witness somebody who did something hilariously stupid. Because I do and will comment on those. Especially when they are the most hilarious things i have ever seen in my life. 

I have found that for some reason, the stupidest things happen in my sight, or by me. So why not write about it. (just as a hint, each post will have one funny comment, and one tip... just so you know...) And just to put it out there, these things that i write about are happening in real life. If you are thinking, "no... there cant possibly be someone that stupid..." think again my friend. Im sorry to say, but your wrong. 

Now moving on...


While on a college visit, there were two British boys. Seeing as they were British, everyone loved them....mostly because of they're accent. As we were driving to a visitor's activity, a girl (blonde) turns around, faces them, and asks, "How do you say please in British?" -_-

Yes. This actually happened... this was actually said. I am SOO sorry for you blondes out there who hate blonde jokes, but this girl is just proving the theory. How do you not know that Britain and America both speak the same language? "Oh hey, I'm from England. I'm fluent in two languanges, American and British." You know, I would expect that this would be pretty self explanatory, but i guess not. Oh Sad, sad day...

TIP #1:

Don't think that i do this ALL the time. Cuz if you do, you will get the impression that i am a loner and that is completely not true. for future record, i actually have friends. sooo... ya... anyways.... my tip for today... on 11/11/11... is...

You don't always have to go out and be social every night. It may sound strange, and you may feel like a loner the first time, but it is SOO relaxing to just take a night off and chill in your room and watch tv shows with some tea. The more life goes on, the more you wont have those moments. Sadly, Im finding that out right now.